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Why Sales Should Report to Marketing

Why Sales Should Report to Marketing Complimentary eBook: Why Sales Should
Report to Marketing

Why Read This Book?

Marketing Sales Reports to Marketing

You must be saying, “What?” This eBook title makes no sense, right? Well, let us assure you: you’ve read it right. We firmly believe B2B marketing is taking over B2B selling, and in this eBook we explain why this makes sense.

B2B Marketing and Selling Ebook

Synopsis of Core Sections

The primary research of all the major analyst firms (including Forrester, SiriusDecisions and Gartner) definitively shows (doesn’t just assert) that more and more buyers are relying almost exclusively on online, digital engagement as they go through the buying process. In many cases, buyers proceed through the entire process without ever talking to a seller.
In this eBook we explain in detail why it makes sense marketing to take primary ownership of sales, as the buyer and customer engagement environment goes fully digital.
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