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Why Channel Management Varies Around the World

Why Channel Management<br>Varies Around the World Complimentary eBook: Why Channel Management
Varies Around the World

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Channel Management Ebook

To reach their end buyers, most organizations rely on channel infrastructure and have been making significant investments in unified channel management activities. But, most of them do not consider the fact that these channel management activities can vary considerably across countries – not only from a deployment perspective, but also in terms of their effectiveness. What are ways an organization can adapt proportionately by recognizing these differences?

Why Channel Management Varies

Synopsis of Core Sections

In this article, we will explore how channel management can vary greatly for the same company across different countries and regions across the world, primarily driven by local needs, regional structure, legal parameters, cultural norms and market maturity. While many elements of channel management remain the same, an organization’s channel management strategy–as well as its approach to executing that strategy–needs to take these differences into account and adapt if the organizations wants to be successful in building its channel and go to market at a global level.

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