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Why Read This Book?

As a provider of a leading SaaS-based channel marketing management (CMM) platform, we get asked a lot about the right set of metrics an organization should consider when they are deploying such a platform globally. While there are core metrics tied to return on investment (ROI) that any organization should look for to measure the impact from their channel marketing management platform, the answer is not really that straightforward.

In this book, we lay out a logic and a path that will help your organization pick the right set of metrics to drive ROI from a recently procured channel marketing management platform.

eBook Channel marketing Metrics

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Synopsis Section

To build a high performing channel, it is essential to optimize channel management end-to-end, and track a core set of channel marketing and sales metrics. This eBook is divided into four sections, including the core elements of Unified Channel Management, and Channel Marketing & Sales Metrics that an organization can use to track leveraging a unified approach to channel management.
Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of the ‘Channel Management Metrics That Truly Matter’

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