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7 Ways to Drive Channel Marketing via Distribution

7 Ways to Drive Channel Marketing via Distribution Complimentary eBook: 7 Ways to Drive
Channel Marketing
via Distribution

Why Read This Book?

Most large organizations selling through a channel rely either on a distributor or a wholesaler, but rarely take a structured approach to driving partner marketing. This is truly a missed opportunity in channel marketing. While most distributors or wholesalers do not have in-house captive marketing capabilities and tend to outsource those functions to providers like ZINFI, there are other core capabilities, aside from marketing, that a distributor or a wholesaler can provide that are critical for channel sales.

7 ways to drive

Synopsis of Core Sections

In this article, we will explore in detail the core channel marketing programs that a distribution partner can help implement for a vendor seeking to reach more channel partners more effectively. When referring to “distributors” here, this encompasses the entire range of wholesalers, master agents and other channel aggregators who tend to provide more than a bank and warehouse capabilities for downstream resellers, agents and other partners.

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