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Why Read This eBook?

Channel Sales factor Ebook

We have all experienced the challenge of direct selling. Now, to make things further complicated let us consider when we are trying to sell within an indirect go-to-market model via a network of channel sales partners. Added to this woe, let us also consider the complexities of multiple regions, products and solutions, as well as the constantly changing nature of the partner landscape. Nonetheless, these complexities can be managed if we keep in mind a few core factors that affect channel sales universally.

ZINFI eBook: 5 Factors That Affect Channel Sales

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Synopsis of Core Sections
In this article, we will explore how channel sales can be made easy by considering the well-known model “7-S Framework” envisaged by McKinsey & Company which dealt with organizational effectiveness. This model has been proven since, to be a foundational model for representing the very complex system of organizational mechanism in a relatively simple way. We will deal with the five core “S” words important to channel sales out of the 7 elements in the “7-S Framework”. These 5 “S” words need to be aligned and coordinated for an organization to function properly.
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