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High Performance Experience

High Performance Experience Drive Profitable Growth at a
Global Scale Via a Unified
Channel Management Approach
High Performance Experience

High Performance Experience

Take your channel performance to a whole new level by automating all day-to-day tasks, workflows and partner activities end-to-end. Provide a native mobile application to partners on the go, and offer them a fully unified desktop and mobile experience. Recruit, onboard, engage, enable and manage partners with a 360-degree view of all “market to,” “market through” and sales activities to exponentially increase channel ROI.

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Our free native mobile app allows instant portal access to your organization & channel partners. Manage accounts, leads, opportunities, calendar entries, activities and more. Provide users with push notifications, location services and other easy-to-use intelligent functions.

Set up and manage partner portal content, as well as “to partner” campaign content. Control access to specific content – by both individual user and by user group – based on criteria like device type, geographic location, partner tier and more.

Automate the setup, business planning and partner enablement of your entire partner onboarding process. Create distinct tracks by partner type, partner profile and engagement level. Inclusive dashboard gives you and your partners “hawk’s-eye” progress views.

Set up and upload multiple types of buyer-facing assets that channel marketing reps, partner sales reps and others can access and quickly modify before sending to their respective buyers. Automatically manage publish and expiration dates to keep content current.

Manage your partner training and certification by partner tiers and types to systemically grow your partner competencies. Quickly set up certification programs for channel sales, marketing and technical teams. Includes multilingual functionality for localized certification programs.

Distribute leads to partners or partner groups based on criteria established in a “shark tank” distribution scheme. Manage the entire journey of prospective leads from generation to close. Set up an automated review and approval mechanism for all opportunities and deals.

Efficiently manage the allocation of MDF and co-op funds to your channel partners. Automate the entire process of applying for funds, claiming compensation and documenting execution, and simplify the conversion of funds to local currency based on current rates.

Our powerful, easy-to-use partner marketing management (PMM) platform empowers your partner base to build marketing pipeline on their own quickly and robustly. Pick from a comprehensive set of 12 modules to start automating your partner marketing activities now.

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High Performance Experience

Welcome to Unified Channel Management

One Platform, Many Solutions. Unified Channel Management (UCM) allows vendor organizations to build a high-performing global channel by integrating and aligning channel policies, channel programs, channel people (both internal employees supporting the partner base and employees of external partners), business process automation and channel partners. This unified approach to channel management requires end-to-end automation of three core sub-processes: partner relationship management (PRM), partner marketing management (PMM) and partner sales management (PSM).

The Three Core Pillars of Unified Channel Management

Partner Relationship Management

Partner relationship management activities focus on internal channel management optimization and automation to simplify how partners do business with a vendor. A properly configured PRM solution dramatically reduces operation costs, efficiently allocates resources to the partners with the highest potential for driving profitable growth, and significantly increases partner satisfaction

Partner Marketing Management

Partner marketing management activities focus on enabling channel partners to drive demand from their prospect and customer base by leveraging the vendor’s marketing assets and tools. A well-designed PMM solution helps vendors optimize the use of market development funds, stimulate purpose-driven demand generation and exert control over brand extension via channel partners.

Partner Sales Management

Partner sales management activities focus on enabling internal channel management resources—e.g., channel account, field marketing and distribution—and channel partners to close more deals and close them faster. A properly deployed PSM solution gives marketing and sales teams insight into the effectiveness of marketing asset and sales campaign and increases sales closure rates and predictability.