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    Modules Jump Start Experience (JSX) High Performance Experience (HPX)
    Portal Administration Management (CORE)
    Mobile Apps
    The Mobile module comes with a set of mobile apps that are available for both iOS and Android platforms. Administrators can define which applications are available via mobile app, and which users have the access rights via mobile.
    Alerts & Notification Management
    The Alerts & Notifications module aggregates all system alerts via a unified console and allows users to set one or more notification preferences via email, SMS or mobile app. Users can also control the frequency of alerts, including individual or aggregate alerts.
    FluidCMS Management
    The FluidCMS™ module (and engine) allows administrators to use drag-and-drop tools to create and manage web and campaign content to build dynamic and personalized portal pages, campaigns and other content on the fly.
    FlexiFlow Management
    Using FlexiFlow™, administrators can set up different application layouts, approval and work flow logics, alerts, and other functions to automate any business workflows. This capability allows organizations to dynamically adapt to rapidly changing business needs.
    Partners Profile Management
    Partners Profile Management granularly manages partner records – prospects, accounts, contacts, performance data, etc. Using this module, organizations can segment partners effectively into groups with various parameters for optimized management.
    Identity & Access Management
    With the Identify and Access Management (IAM) module, administrators can dynamically set up and manage user groups and profiles (roles), and granular access rights to various portal pages, applications, campaign content and other portal assets.
    Enterprise Change Management
    Enterprise Change Management keeps track of all changes made to the portal related to groups, users, content, workflows, and more. This is essential not only for audit purposes, but also for reversing changes that have been made unintentionally or intentionally.
    Centralized Interconnect Management
    The Business Intelligence Reports module provides a wide range of default reports, as well as tools for editing & creating custom reports. This provides insights into what’s working and what needs improving in channel performance and programs at local and global levels.
    Users Management
    The Centralized Interconnection (CENTRiTM) module allows administrators to seamlessly connect to third-party applications like CRM, LMS, ERP and POS via an easy-to-use connection management and field-mapping interface, including SAML 2.0 SSO.
    Business Intelligence Reports
    The Users Management module allows administrators to quickly set up users and assign them to various groups and profiles. Users can be added manually or via group upload using Excel or third-party SSO.
    Partner Portal Management (EXPAND)
    Documents LIbrary Management
    Documents Library enables channel organizations to share partner-facing documents with various partner users based on status and access rights. Documents can be dynamically published and configured with expiration dates/times based on custom rules.
    Co-Branded Assets Management
    The Co-Branded Assets Management module enables an organization to provide web-ready or print-quality digital assets to channel partners, who can then co-brand these assets and reuse them for various marketing- and sales-related activities.
    Products & Details Management
    With the Products module, organizations can upload a variety of product-related content for use in both marketing and sales assets and activities. This module can also be used in conjunction with Configure Price Quote (CPQ) and Deal Registration.
    (optional to add)
    Communicate to Partners Management
    The Communicate module comes with a cluster of marketing tools, such as email, microsites, events and social, which can be used to recruit, engage and enable partners. These tools can be made available to all internal channel team members.
    (optional to add)
    Community & Forums Management
    The Community module enables organizations to socially connect – both internally and externally – to facilitate communication and collaboration. This module seamlessly integrates with multiple UCM modules, but it can also work as a standalone module.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Locator Management
    Use Partner Locator to dynamically create a partner directory, making it easy for end users to find and contact partners who offer the right solutions. All leads generated from rule-based searches are fed into the UCM Lead module for distribution to specified users.
    Partner Support Management
    The Support (Help Desk) module gives organizations the tools they need to establish a structured support infrastructure for end users that extends above and beyond traditional product and services support. The module uses an industry-standard ticketing system.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Survey Management
    The Survey module can be used by anyone from the channel organization to get feedback from their partner base. Survey data can be aggregated via a reporting engine or housed individually within partner records.
    (optional to add)
    Exchange Management
    With the Exchange module, an organization can list a set of service providers for marketing, sales and other technical assistance for partners. Partner users can procure these pre-selected third-party vendors and pay for their services using MDF or their own funds.
    (optional to add)
    Projects & Tasks Management
    Seamless collaboration with internal and external team members on projects and programs is easy with the Projects & Tasks module, which comes with tasks, notebooks, file-sharing, and messaging features.
    (optional to add)
    Affiliate Marketing Management (AMM)
    Marketplace Management
    The Marketplace module enables an organization to create a thriving marketplace for its partners to sell its products and services to each other and to end-buyers in a private, invitation-only experience.
    (optional to add)
    Promotions Management
    ZINFI’s Promotion Management module makes it easy for your affiliate marketing partners to promote content and products by leveraging UTM links and placing them on their website. Our UTM links tracker automatically documents which partners are generating which referrals.
    (optional to add)
    Referral Management
    Enable your affiliate partners to register referrals manually or automatically via link and advertising referrals. Automatically map each referral to a specific commission payment structure for both marketing and sales activities. Set up business rules to route referrals for automatic or manual approval flow.
    (optional to add)
    Payments Management
    Allow your affiliate partners to set up company and tax information to receive digital payments for their earned commissions. You can also enable partners to claim commissions manually or automatically for payments, and run performance analytics.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
    Partner Onboarding Management
    Partner Onboarding Management automates partner recruitment and onboarding processes via step-by-step activities. Based on partner type, engagement and other variables, you can create different onboarding tracks.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Contracts Management
    The Partner Contracts Management module enables an organization to dynamically manage and keep track of all the contractual documents that channel partners sign during the various phases of the partner engagement cycle.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Business Plans Management
    With the Partner Business Plans Management module, organizations can develop business plans by working with internal and external partner stakeholders to ensure plan execution and compliance.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Learning Management
    The Partner Learning Management module enables an organization to manage channel partner training and certification by various partner tiers and types to grow partner competencies in a systematic way through structured curricula.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Leads Management
    Partner Leads Management automates lead distribution to your partner base and manages the entire “contacts to contracts” process. It can help engage partner sales reps via round robin, shark tank and other lead management strategies.
    Deal Registration Management
    The Deals module provides setup for deal registration criteria and workflows for an organization’s partner base using UCM’s FlexiFlow™ and CENTRi™ modules. Workflows can be very simple or can cover complex, comprehensive deal registration processes.
    Configure Price Quote Management
    The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module enables an organization to offer special pricing and quotes approval mechanisms for partner sales reps, channel reps and channel management team members.
    (optional to add)
    Channel Data Management (CDM)
    The Channel Data Management module enables an organization to access point-of-sales data from distributors and resellers to track performance by region, territory, reseller and product, and to proactively manage inventory.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Marketing Management (PMM)
    Search Marketing Management
    The Search Marketing Management module provides dynamic linkage between paid ad (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.) search network and marketing campaigns, and is used for multi-partner inbound integrated lead generation.
    (optional to add)
    Social Syndication Management
    The Social Syndication Management module enables an organization to syndicate social media content via the channel partner network. Partners can auto stream or manually customize each social feed for instant or scheduled posting.
    (optional to add)
    Direct Mail Marketing Management
    With the Direct Mail module, organizations can create co-branded direct mail templates for partner use in the form of post cards, brochures and other formats. This module can also be connected to national printers for seamless shipping and mailing.
    (optional to add)
    Email Marketing Management
    The Email Marketing Management module enables an organization to quickly set up single or multi-touch co-branded emails. These emails create the foundation of various integrated campaigns, whether they lead to microsites, events, syndication or social campaigns.
    (optional to add)
    Microsite & Landing Page Management
    The Microsite & Landing Page Management module enables an organization to set up co-branded microsites or landing pages that partners can use to engage their prospects and customers via single-touch or multi-touch digital drip campaigns.
    (optional to add)
    Event Marketing Management
    Event Marketing Management enables an organization to set up trigger-ready multi-touch “event in a box” campaigns that can be quickly co-branded and customized, allowing channel partners to engage their prospects/customer base.
    (optional to add)
    Web Syndication Management
    Web Syndication Management enables distribution of product and solution web showcases via a partner’s website. Web syndication amplifies organizational reach and lead generation through a distributed channel partner network
    (optional to add)
    Multi-Touch Campaign Management
    The Campaign Library module enables channel organizations to provide co-brandable, single- or multi-tactic campaigns to its partner network through a user-friendly, logical interface searchable by keywords and tags.
    (optional to add)
    Partner Incentives Management (PIM)
    Commissions Management
    Both internal channel teams and external partners can use the Commission model to align with quarterly programs, campaigns and run rate business to provide sales or referral-based commission tracking. Users can set up business logic with UCM’s FlexiFlow™ module.
    (optional to add)
    Market Development Funds Management
    Market Development Funds (MDF) Management enables organizations to allocate MDF and co-op funds to partners. It is also used to help partners apply for program funding and claim compensation through proper proof of execution.
    (optional to add)
    Sales Rewards Management
    Sales Rewards allows setup of channel sales programs for internal and external users and progress tracking in a unified interface. This module also allows filing of reward claims and stack ranking status. The logic is built with UCM’s FlexiFlow™ module.
    (optional to add)
    Rebates Management
    With Rebates, organizations can set up company rebates based on specified performance targets and business rules. This makes it easy to develop an application process for partners to establish eligibility for rebate programs and for claiming rebates.
    (optional to add)

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