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Partner Marketing Management Best Practice Guidebook

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Partner Marketing Management Best Practices:
A Guide to Building a High Performing Channel

Why Read This Book?

Navigating the many options and channels needed for successful marketing in this digital age requires an extensive map. As most partner companies do not have in-house marketing teams, most vendors are creating multi-channel campaigns that can be used by their partners to aid their partner’s marketing efforts. Rolling out a global partner marketing management programs require the vendors to be savvy with both channel marketing best practices, but also in the world of software automation.

This booklet focuses primarily on various aspects of channel marketing automation needed to enable partners globally to increase channel program ROI. By utilizing best practices, you can scale your programs globally, and begin to automate profitable growth. We hope you will walk away with pragmatic ideas that you can start implementing today to make a sustainable difference in your organization.

Partner Marketing Management Best Practices

Synopsis of Core Sections

Unified Channel Management (UCM) Emphasizes the importance of comprehensive, long-term strategy to tackle the enormous complexity of channel management in a global context, and explores key facets to consider developing a truly unified channel marketing approach.
Channel Marketing Automation Covers various aspects of how Channel Marketing Automation has evolved over the years to where it is going, and what you need to do to empower your country teams to leverage channel marketing automation.
Next Generation Partner Portal This explores the next generation of partner portal and the marketing tactics that will be necessary for you to properly arm your channel partners. Each marketing tactic that has been selected for discussion has shown that it will be an integral part of the marketing landscape in the coming year and beyond.
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