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Why Read This Book?

When selling through the channel we often are bewildered about the fact – how to drive better performance through partner relationship management and how to do more with less. If you have been wondering about the same, then you are not the ony one. We all, who prosper in the channel have come across this intrinsic question and will always continue to face it as long as we serve our global clients. In our quest to find out the core success factors which drive high-performing channels, we find that we can group those success factors into seven main categories. This book shows you how an organization can logically and sequentially establish the foundation for thriving channel programs and make sure they are addressing the key drivers for successful partner relationship management.

7 Ps of Successful Partner Relationship Management

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To build a high performing channel, many organizations systematically address their partner relationship management framework across these seven factors — product, profitability, placement, programs, promotions, profile and performance — streamlining processes and getting rid of activities or initiatives that do not make sense.


Partner Relationship Management 7ps

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