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Campaign Library Management

The Campaign Library Management module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform allows your organization to set up diverse content and a variety of campaign tactics so that channel partners can run single-touch or multitouch co-branded campaigns using a SMART campaign flow.

Campaign Addition

Use the Campaign Library Management module to set up new marketing campaigns for your channel partners and quickly edit existing campaigns and associate various marketing tactics like email, microsite, event, web syndication, search and social with specific campaigns.

The module simplifies the process of adding new campaigns and allows you to categorize them using a variety of parameters, including business line, campaign type and quarter validity.

Key Features Include:

  • Campaign setup and management
  • Campaign tactics association
  • Campaign quarter association

Campaign Smart Flow Management

It’s easy to define the flow of a campaign using the Campaign Library Management module. For example, you can create a multitouch drip campaign with pre-configured tactics and assets, and then your channel partners can customize the campaign for use in various marketing activities.

The module allows you to create multiple flows within a specific campaign using a combination of tactics and assets. Partners can then select the specific tactics and assets that best match their business requirements. You can also define the duration of each flow for the system to ensure campaigns are completed within the defined time frame after the launch of the first tactic.

Key Features Include:

  • Smart campaign flow setup and management
  • Campaign flow duration management
  • Multilingual asset association

Campaign Management

Using the Campaign Library Management module, you can configure campaign accessibility via user group association, thus managing the visibility of campaigns across your entire multi-level partner ecosystem.

You can also simplify the complexity inherent in a multilingual partner network by setting up localized campaigns in the platform. The module’s country-language management feature allows you to distribute language-specific campaigns to different partners based on their location. This ensures that users are able to view and deploy campaigns in their local language.

Key Features Include:

  • Campaign visibility management
  • Country-language management
  • Group association


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