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Channel Profile Management

The Channel Profile Management module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform allows vendor organizations to granularly manage partner records, including accounts, contacts, performance data and other business-related information. This allows you to segment partners effectively into groups with various parameters, thereby optimizing management capabilities.

Partner Profile Management

By using the Channel Profile Management module, your organization can manage channel partner profiles much more effectively. You can begin by quickly creating a partner entity in the system providing business information like the partner’s address, number of employees, annual revenue and so on.

ZINFI’s Channel Profile Management module allows your channel management team members to quickly maintain and update partner profile information. You can easily track a partner’s sales history, lead generation and other channel program-related activities to analyze performance trends.

Key Features Include:

  • Partner List Upload & Management
  • Partner Entity Management
  • Partner Contacts Management

Module Management

The Channel Profile Management module enables your organization to set up and manage various partner portal modules and maintain control over which features and modules will be visible to specific user groups.

Channel Profile Management allows your organization to pick and choose from a list of available modules and make only those selected modules available to your channel partners. You can also automate the assignment of modules to portal users based on their role and access privileges, allowing you to manage access to specific portal functions at a granular level.

Key Features Include:

  • Portal Modules Setup
  • Portal Modules Management
  • Modules & Zone Access Management

Role Management

With the Channel Profile Management module, your organization can set up a variety of partner roles in the partner portal. These roles can then be tagged with different users or user groups. This module allows you to  automate the provision of  access rights to portal users with granular management capabilities.

The Channel Profile Management module gives your organization the flexibility to quickly change permissions and remove individual users without making global changes throughout the portal. This dramatically simplifies multi-tier partner model management.

Key Features Include:

  • Role Setup & Management
  • User Association
  • Portal Action Restriction Management

Partner Tier Management

The Channel Profile Management module allows your organization to efficiently manage your multi-tier channel partner network by defining various partner tiers for categorization based on selected traits like the number of technical certifications, the number of sales employees, annual revenue and commission rates.

You easily can set up system alerts in the Channel Profile Management module. Tier management tools help you ensure partners receive timely automatic notifications regarding milestones like contract renewal or status upgrades. Each renewal or status upgrade gets tracked in the portal in real time, which helps your organization keep up to date on all activities performed by each partner engaged in specific programs.

Key Features Include:

  • Partner Tier Addition
  • Partner Tier Management
  • System Alerts Setup

Partner Type Management

Our Channel Profile Management module allows your organization to set up different business models in line with partner tiers for further categorization of your channel partners. This simplifies channel ecosystem management significantly.

Using the Partner Type Management features of the Channel Profile Management module, you can quickly set up and manage business models for classification of channel partners based on the product category or the industry vertical they are engaged with. This business model classification feature provides you with an additional level of granular access management across your entire multi-tier partner network.

Key Features Include:

  • Partner Type Addition
  • Partner Type Management


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