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Sales Assets Management

Co-Branded Assets Management

The Co-branded Assets Management module, which is part of ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management (PMM) platform, allows your organization to automate distribution of digital assets to channel partners, who can then co-brand and reuse these assets for a variety of marketing- and sales-related activities.

Asset Management

Our Co-branded Assets Management module allows your organization to upload and manage assets in various formats like HTML, HTML5 and PDF and make them available for sales teams in the channel for marketing and selling to customers. Users can edit and customize the available content in accordance with their own requirements. The validity of individual assets can easily be managed by your organization with the Publish and Expiration Date functionality of ZINFI’s Co-branded Asset Management module. Multilingual capabilities included with the module enable your organization to manage assets across the channel network on a global level, allowing your country teams, for example, to enjoy localized content upload and management capabilities. Key Features Include:

  • Asset Setup & Upload
  • Asset Expiration Management
  • Asset Access Control
  • Partner Notifications
  • Asset Access Reporting

Asset Metadata Management

With ZINFI’s Co-branded Assets Management Module, your organization can easily manage asset schema in impressive detail. We offer an end-to-end process and governance framework for asset creation, control, enhancement, attribution, definition and management within a repository, allowing granular visibility. With over 20 plus distinct metadata parameters, the Co-branded Asset Management module allows your organization to configure metadata for every asset uploaded in the partner portal. This allows for more effective categorization and organization of assets and makes it easy for users to search for and quickly find the specific assets they need. Key Features Include:

  • Asset & Agency ID Management
  • Campaign Association Management
  • Fiscal Quarter Management
  • Group & Country Association Management

Asset Approval Management

Using the Co-branded Assets Management module, your organization can have multiple contributors to a specific asset. You can also configure multi-level approval flow for asset uploads or updates before publishing assets for channel partner access. The granular management capabilities of our Co-branded Assets Management module also allow your organization to restrict portal admins from uploading or publishing unapproved assets. System alerts can be easily configured to notify you and the portal admins when an asset is uploaded, accepted or rejected. Key Features Include:

  • Multi-level Asset Approval Management
  • Asset Feedback Management
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