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Rapid Dialer Management

ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management (PMM) platform incorporates a Rapid Dialer Management module. This rapid dialer module allows a channel partner to quickly upload a list to ZINFI’s cloud-based dialing software and then start dialing to connect with a targeted set of prospects and customers. This saves a lot of time and money to make partner sales people highly productive. This module also allows vendors to keep track of what their partners are doing from a macro campaign perspective.

Rapid Dialer Management

Rapid Dialer Management

This module can enable a vendor to set up various dialing campaigns, scripts, etc., that partners can select from to launch prospecting activities. This module also allows partners to customize scripts and dialing tactics to properly adapt to their own needs.

Key Features Include:

  • Setup User (Agent)
  • Manage Calling Queues
  • Manage Calling Campaigns
  • Monitor and Manage Activities
  • Run Reports & Analytics

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