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Partner Rewards Management

Partner Rewards & Rebates Management

The Rewards & Rebates Management module of ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform enables your organization to automate the management of various incentives schemes—such as sales rewards, company rebates and commissions—to drive improved channel performance.

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Our Rewards & Rebates Management module allows organizations to generate intrinsic motivation among their partner base. Your partners’ sales teams will receive real-time feedback and digital motivation features when they use the module, improving both learning and performance. You can easily set up various programs, achievement targets and rewards associated with these programs to meet specific business objectives.

Our dynamic leaderboard tracking tool makes the process more engaging and transparent, and establishes a highly competitive environment for channel sales teams. Use the Rewards & Rebates Management module to pre-configure rewards, tagging each reward with the number of credit points available for program winners.

Key Features Include:

  • Fund Upload Management (in local currency)
  • Submission Deadline Management
  • Exchange Rate Management
  • System Alerts
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Sales gamification management is an important component of the Rewards & Rebates Management module. This allows vendors to create an engaging rebates program for its channel partners. Vendors can formulate and implement strategies and policies aimed at providing rebates to channel partners fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with the values of their organization.

Rebates management tools help channel partners drive the success of initiatives by sharing the individual performances of sales team members. Sales reps are encouraged to seek rewards and earn rebates on the products purchased from the vendors, all in a fair and transparent process.

Key Features Include:

  • Reward Addition
  • Reward Management
  • Gift Addition
  • Reward & Gift Claim Tracking