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Buyers Engagement Management

Buyers Engagement Management

The Buyers Engagement Management module is a component of ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform. Your organization can use the module to provide the tools to channel sales reps and the partner reps to send digital content like emails, landing pages, solution showcases and more to prospects and then track prospect engagement.

Asset & Binder Management

The Buyers Engagement Management module allows your organization to associate various assets with pre-configured binders for your channel partners to access, allowing them to engage with customers and share assets online during the sales cycle. Using the module’s asset & binder management tools, channel sales teams can aggregate selected content or pages from multiple assets under a single binder for sharing with prospective customers via a digital wall. Our Buyers Engagement Management module simplifies asset sharing and management for both your organization and your channel partners. Digital walls reflect changes to content in real time.

Key Features Include:

  • Asset Setup & Management
  • Binder Setup & Management
  • Asset & Binder Association

Template Management

ZINFI’s Buyers Engagement Management module allows your organization to set up various page and email templates for your sales team to customize and deploy during the sales cycle. Template visibility can be controlled with tools for user group and country/language management. Each parameter of the page and email templates is tagged in the partner portal, and activities and performance are tracked in real time, generating reports that will give your organization and sales teams clear insight into areas of progress and areas that need to improve.

Key Features Include:

  • Page Template Setup & Management
  • Page Template Usage Tracking
  • Page Template Customization

Page Sharing Management

Your channel sales team can use the Buyers Engagement Management module to quickly share assets via a digital page during the sales cycle. Users can control and restrict recipients from further sharing using the module’s permission management functionality. Expiration date management allows users to manage page validity. Other page sharing management features in our Buyers Engagement Management module include an automated extension management system which can be used to control the visibility of a page based on the number of requests received, and real time tracking of activities performed by recipients to gauge their level of interest.

Key Features Include:

  • Binder Association
  • Page Sharing with Contacts
  • Real Time Activity Tracking
  • Page Extension Request Management

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