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Channel Profile Management

Channel Profile Management

The Channel Profile Management Module of ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform enables your organization to granularly manage partner records (accounts, contacts, performance data, etc.). This allows your organization to segment partners effectively into groups with various parameters optimized management capabilities.

Partner Profile Management

By using the Channel Profile Management module, your organization can manage the channel partner’s profile more effectively. This module allows your organization to create a partner entity in the system along with their business information like address, employee size, annual revenue etc. Channel Profile Management module allows your channel management team members to track detailed partner profile, sales history, lead generation and other channel program related activities. Key Features Include:

  • Partner List Upload & Management
  • Partner Entity Management
  • Partner Contacts Management

Module Management

The Channel Profile Management Module enables your organization to set up and manage various modules in the partner portal using the module management functionality. This allows you to manage the visibility of the features/modules to be made available to various user group(s). This module also allows your organization to pick and choose the modules of your choice from a list of available modules and make those available to your channel partners. You can also make specific modules available to the portal users based on their role and access privilege allowing you to manage the portal access at a granular level. Key Features Include:

  • Portal Modules Setup
  • Portal Modules Management
  • Modules & Zone Access Management

Role Management

Using the Channel Profile Management Module, your organization can set up various roles in the partner portal which can be tagged with different users or user groups. This module allows you to provide different access rights to the portal users with a granular management capability. With this module, your organizations enjoy the flexibility of permission change and user removal without making changes throughout the portal which makes the multi-tier partner model management simple. Key Features Include:

  • Role Setup & Management
  • User Association
  • Portal Action Restriction Management

Partner Tier Management

The Channel Profile Management Module allows your organization to manage the multi-tier channel partner model by defining various partner tiers for categorization based on various chosen aspects like number of technical certification, number of sales employees, annual revenue, commission rate etc. You can set up system alerts for partners to receive automatic updates regarding contract renewal or status upgrade. Each renewal or status upgrade gets tracked in the portal on a real-time basis which helps your organization to keep a track of the activities performed by each partner engaged in the program. Key Features Include:

  • Partner Tier Addition
  • Partner Tier Management
  • System Alerts Setup

Partner Type Management

Channel Profile Management Module allows your organization to set up different business models in-line with partner tiers for further categorization of your channel partners enabling you to make the channel ecosystem management simpler. This module allows your organization to set up and manage the business models for classification of the channel partners post tier categorization based on the product category or industry vertical they deal in. You will have granular access management across the multi-tier partner model with the ease of channel partner categorization. Key Features Include:

  • Partner Type Addition
  • Partner Type Management
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