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Configure Price Quote

Configure Price Quote

The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module in ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform enables your organization to provide special pricing and automated quote approval mechanisms to your partner sales reps, channel reps and channel management team members.

Price Management

ZINFI’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module enables your organization to define and manage product pricing across multiple business lines in accordance with constantly changing market trends. Whenever pricing changes, those changes will automatically be reflected in the quotes of your channel partners. The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module also allows your organization to keep track of all the quotes shared by the channel partners, providing insight and granular access to important details of the sales cycle management process. Multilingual and localized deployment tools simplify price management across global, multi-region partner networks.

Key Features Include:

  • Entity Setup & Management
  • Product Setup & Management
  • Quote Management
  • PO & Invoice Management

Entity Management

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) allows your organization and your channel partners to enter buyer entities into the system, and then manage and track those buyer-related activities throughout the entire sales cycle. The Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module allows your channel partners to associate quotes, POs and invoices with individual customer entities, so both you and your channel sales teams can easily manage and monitor financials throughout the deal closure process.

Key Features Include:

  • Buyer Entity Setup
  • Buyer Entity Management

Quote Management

ZINFI’s Configure Price Quote (CPQ) module allows your organization and channel partners to generate quotes tagged with a specific customer entity. Channel partners can also tag a specific contact from the customer company and enter details about the identified opportunity. Using this module’s quote management tools, channel partners can key in discounted pricing offered for specific products. This gives your organization real-time information about the exact revenue being projected or generated from each sale.

Key Features Include:

  • New Quote Generation
  • Existing Quote Management
  • Quote & Entity Association
  • Discount Management

PO & Invoice Management

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) allows your organization and your channel sales team to generate invoices in accordance with shared quotes and received POs. This automated feature helps channel partners ensure the accuracy of invoices and minimize opportunities for human error. Configure Price Quote (CPQ) brings a systematic approach to PO receipt and invoicing processes. Our end-to-end automation of invoice and PO management allows you to manage all revenue-related activities within a single interface and provides you with deeper insights into the sales pipeline.

Key Features Include:

  • PO Upload
  • Invoice Generation
  • Existing PO management

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