Partner Sales Management

Build Partner Pipeline & Close Deals

A world-class channel marketing program not only focuses on managing the partner base by providing partners with training, marketing tools and sales programs, but also enables partners’ sales reps to get better at closing deals and opportunities. In order to achieve your sales enablement goals, you must enable your channel sales reps with the latest sales techniques, tools and methodologies. Since products and solutions evolve at a rapid pace in today’s environment, it is essential that your partners’ sales reps have access to relevant methods and tools when they need them.

Business Benefits

  • Effective

    If your organization has a lot of sales materials, programs, methods, etc., and you truly want to drive effective closure at a lower cost, then you have to rely on an intelligent sales enablement platform. This is where ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform comes in to enable you to make sales programs highly effectively.

  • Efficient

    ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform can provide you the ability to micro train your sales reps and empower them with buyer behavior tracking tools so that they can be highly efficient in closing deals with least possible efforts. This drives higher partner engagement, satisfaction and certainly higher closer rates.

  • Insightful

    ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform provides a highly rich business intelligent platform that can give you true insights on sales assets, tactics and processes to truly increase your partner sales training efficiency, as well as deal closing effectiveness by focusing on assets and techniques that truly work.

Feature Modules


  • Adaptive

    ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform comes with a comprehensive set of 8 individual modules, but you can pick and choose what you need to automate your selling processes. The platform allows you to start training your partner sales reps first through micro training modules, and then turn on digital tracking mechanisms to convert the partners into truly smart sellers.

  • Intelligent

    As your organization helps your partners sell more effectively, you start gathering insights into which assets, techniques, training are working best. By leveraging this knowledge from ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform, you can refine your training programs, assets and techniques. This intelligent approach towards selling not only increases sales closing rates, but also reduces sales support cost significantly.

  • Global

    ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform is supported in multiple languages as well as localized resources in various countries around the world. This localized support drives partner usage and satisfaction, and better results for vendors who are seeking to drive partner enablement globally. Our PMM software user interfaces are available in 26 different languages, and additional languages can be turned on without any additional costs.

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