A world-class channel program does not only focus on managing the partner base by providing partners with training, marketing tools and sales programs, but also enables partners’ sales reps to get better at closing deals and opportunities. In order to achieve this sales enablement goal, an organization selling through the channel must enable its channel sales reps with latest sales techniques, tools and methodologies. Since products and solutions evolve at a rapid pace in today’s environment, it is essential that partners’ sales reps have access to all relevant methods and tools when they need it. This is where partner sales management activities come in.

Business Benefits


If your organization has a lot of sales materials, programs, methods, etc., and you truly want to drive effective closure at a lower cost, then you have to rely on an intelligent sales enablement platform. This is where ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform comes in to enable you to make sales programs highly effectively.


ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform can provide you the ability to micro train your sales reps and empower them with buyer behavior tracking tools so that they can be highly efficient in closing deals with least possible efforts. This drives higher partner engagement, satisfaction and certainly higher closer rates.


ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform provides a highly rich business intelligent platform that can give you true insights on sales assets, tactics and processes to truly increase your partner sales training efficiency, as well as deal closing effectiveness by focusing on assets and techniques that truly work.

Feature Modules


Allows you to manage partner portal page content, and assign each page to different partner groups to ensure granular access control


This module enables you to granularly manage partner tier so that you can provide granular access to content and modules within the UCM platform


This module enables you to set up web pages that your channel sales team and partner sales reps can modify before sending to their respective buyers


You can upload various types of channel facing documents in various folders, and assign those folders to various groups for granular access control


You can set up various channel sales reps, partner sales reps and buyer facing assets that any platform user can quickly modify before sending to their respective buyers


You can train your channel sales reps and partner sales reps in bite sizes by using solutions and sales stage linked learning and asset delivery


Your channel sales reps and their partner reps can send content (emails, landing pages, solution showcases, assets, etc.) to prospective buyers and keep track of all engagement


You can promote various sales rewards program and use leaderboard to share who is winning and who is not to drive rep engagement in a virtual environment


This module can allow special pricing and quotes approval from partner sales reps to your channel reps and channel management team members


Provide a high volume automated dialing capability to your partners to prospect more efficiently so that they can follow up with their leads to build pipeline


This provides granular insights to all users what sales enablement assets and approaches are working or not to improve sales tactics and methodologies


You can run default reports and create custom reports to understand what is working and what needs improvement in your channel sales enablement program



ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) comes with a comprehensive set of twelve individual modules, but you can pick and chose what you need to automate your selling processes. The PSM platform allows you to start training your partner sales reps first through micro training modules, and then turn on digital tracking mechanisms to convert the partners into true smart sellers.


As your organization help your partners to sell more effectively, you start gathering insights on what assets, techniques, training are working best. By leveraging this knowledge from ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform you can better design training, assets and techniques to significantly. This intelligent approach towards selling not only increases sales closing rate, but also reduces sales support cost significantly.


ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform is supported not only in multiple languages, but with localized resources in various countries around the world. This localized support drives partner usage, satisfaction, and better results for vendors who are seeking to drive partner enablement globally. ZINFI’s PSM software user interfaces are localized in twenty six different languages, and additional languages can be turned on without any additional costs.

A best-of-breed Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform can enable partners sales rep to get significantly better at closing newly developed opportunities. Organizations that have deployed, or are in the process of deploying, partner portal and other sales tools that provide partner training, documents, battle cards, competitive analysis, etc., are certainly poised to take their channel based sales processes to the next level of sales efficiency and effectiveness. By deploying ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform an organization can deploy digitally integrated sales capabilities using stage by stage selling and training processes. As partner sales representatives sell products and services, they also learn how to answer questions related to each sales stages, and track what the end buyers are interested in through digital tracking methodologies. This provides enormous insights to partner and vendor organizations regarding sales tools, assets, methods, etc., to continuously improve tactics so that overall sales costs go down and sales closing rate go up.

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