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Sales Documents Management

Sales Documents Management

The Sales Documents Management module of ZINFI’s Partner Sales Management (PSM) platform enables your organization to easily upload various types of customer-facing documents into customized folders, and assign these documents and folders to various sales groups with granular access control.

Document Management

In the Sales Documents Management module, your organization can upload customer-facing documents in multiple folders to provide easy access to sales-related content by your internal and channel partner sales teams. With our document management features, it’s easy to manage document validity via publish and expiration date functionality and thereby maintain control over the visibility of individual documents. Your channel sales team can also upload documents in the partner portal, allowing them to keep all documents in one place.

Key Features Include:

  • Document Setup & Upload
  • Document Expiration Management
  • Document Access Control
  • Partner Notifications
  • Document Access Reporting

Upload Management

The Sales Documents Management module is designed to simplify the management of assets like case studies, whitepapers, collateral and datasheets so they can be easily uploaded, categorized and made accessible only to the user groups for which they are relevant. of our Sales Documents Management module allows your organization to configure auto deletion or auto-archiving of the documents once they expire. You can also quickly configure system to inform specified portal users when a new document becomes available or when a document is archived.

Key Features Include:

  • Document Upload & Management
  • Document Visibility Management
  • System Alerts

Category Management

The category management tools in ZINFI’s Sales Documents Management allow your organization to quickly categorize sales documents in separate customized “buckets” to simplify access for sales teams. This functionality makes it easier for your partner user base to search for and find documents in the partner portal. The category management features also help you manage the documents and document access more effectively. Vendors can add or delete document categories as requirements change. There are no restrictions on the number of categories vendors can establish, so you can segregate documents into as many categories as you wish to create.

Key Features Include:

  • Category Setup
  • Category Asset Management
  • Category Order Management
  • Partner Notifications
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