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Sales Learning Management

Sales Learning Management

ZINFI’s partner sales management (PSM) platform includes an integrated Sales Learning Management module that enables your organization to train channel sales reps and partner sales reps in “bite size” increments. The module provides solutions and sales-stage-linked learning and asset delivery in a micro-learning environment. Our dynamic learning management system (LMS) makes this Sales Learning Management module the solution to all online training needs. Your organization can use the module to administer, document, track, report on and deliver multiple courses and training programs across the entire channel network.

Certifications Management

The Sales Learning Management module has been designed to make it easy for organizations to set up a variety of certification programs for channel sales, marketing and technical teams in a diverse channel environment. This module also allows you to manage the visibility of certification programs so you can assign specific programs to specific groups of partners based on their competency level. The certifications management of our Sales Learning Management module includes a multilingual functionality. This makes it possible for you to upload localized certification programs to the appropriate non-English-speaking channel sales, marketing and technical teams so they can get certified with minimal hassle.

Key Features Include:

  • Certification Setup & Management
  • Certification Validity Management
  • Certification & Course Association
  • Course Order Management

Course Management

With our Sales Learning Management module, your organization can configure and associate multiple courses with a specific certification program to simplify participation for channel sales, marketing and technical teams. It’s also easy to upload course materials for the channel sales team to access. Publish date and expiration date functionality simplifies the process of managing course validity. Report cards generated by the system allow granular control by your organization so you can regularly monitor the progress of each participant. Individual participants also have access to their own dashboards so they can keep track of their performance and stay engaged in the process.

Key Features Include:

  • Course Setup & Management
  • Course Validity Management
  • Course Material Upload
  • Course & Test Association

Test Management

Your organization can use the Sales Learning Management module to set up various tests in association with multiple courses. Our test management tools include functionality for managing the visibility of questionnaires via password protection. Individual training catalogs for each enrolled participant give users a clear picture of the progress they’ve made as they proceed through their training programs. The multilingual functionality of our Sales Learning Management module makes it easy for you to set up tests for channel partners across the globe in their local languages, and you and your country teams will be able to track the progress made by partners—regardless of language or geographical location—under one roof.

Key Features Include:

  • Test Setup & Management
  • Test Score Management
  • Questionnaire Order Management
  • Test Visibility Management (password-secured)
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