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Partner Onboarding Services

Partner Onboarding Services

For a vendor selling through the channel, the sales and technical ability for a channel partner critically determine how much revenue will be generated by that specific partner. By leveraging its Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software and its Marketing Concierge services, ZINFI can reach out to a vendor’s partner base and engage them for various partner training programs.

Business Planning Services

Once a new partner has expressed interest in joining a vendor’s partner program or an existing partner wants to carry one of vendor’s new products from their portfolio, it is essential to put together a business plan with the partner and a roadmap for the next few quarters. This is where ZINFI’s partner planning services come in.

ZINFI can work with a vendor’s partners to effectively plan out a multi-quarter growth strategy, which includes segment planning, end user targeting, marketing campaigns, sales closure plan, product training, and trial planning. A vendor’s inside sales team can also use ZINFI’s platform to develop their own channel marketing and sales plan. ZINFI’s planning solution also links with ZINFI’s market development funds (MDF), rebate and rewards modules which will allow a partner to think through how they can effectively deploy vendor funds to drive ROI for a certain product category.

Partner Training Rollout

Most vendors have effective training materials. ZINFI can enable a vendor with an automated capability coupled with marketing concierge services to effectively deliver the train to a set of target channel partners in a timely manner. ZINFI can assist a vendor by creating a dynamic delivery platform for online training and marketing. A vendor’s training content can be given away for free or sold at a pre-determined price using ZINFI’s online training catalog.

By working with a vendor ZINFI can not only deploy its Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform that would deliver online automated learning management solution, but also proactively reach out to a target set of partners that are falling behind to achieve necessary certifications and milestones to become successful channel partners.

ZINFI’s partner marketing concierge services can drive effective training roll out and adoptions globally.

Partner Research Services

When a channel partner goes through product training, marketing planning, and sales execution, it is very important to reach out in a systematic way to capture a partner’s experience with the programs. This not only increases partner satisfaction, but also allows the marketing teams to improve the effectiveness of the current programs.

ZINFI’s survey solution can enable ZINFI’s partner marketing resources that are working for a vendor or a vendor’s own inside sales team to effectively get feedback from channel partners quickly and efficiently. ZINFI’s dynamic survey solution is fully integrated with ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and Partner Marketing Management (PMM) reporting modules. ZINFI can customize each survey to capture partner feedback quickly and effectively.