Partner Research Services

If a vendor is trying to find out what channel partners want or believe about a vendor’s products and services, then ZINFI can help to discover key productivity drivers. ZINFI can put together a vendor-specific partner sales productivity research program addressing a vendor’s strategic questions related to products, marketing and sales goals.

Productivity Research Overview

Productivity Research Overview

By working with a vendor, ZINFI would put together a key set of research objectives with the goals of understanding why some channel partners are selling more than the others. The purpose of this analysis would be to determine how a vendor can improve sales out and recruit new partners into their channel program to drive more sales.

As a part of this survey ZINFI would reach out to both active and non-active channel partners to understand their key buying drivers and what is getting in the way of selling more of a vendor’s products and services. The specific service steps would involve pulling together a target list of partners to reach out, setting up a dynamic online survey by using ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management platform, and conduct both online and tele-survey to capture partner feedback.

ZINFI’s productivity analysis would deliver highly actionable insights that a vendor can implement across marketing, sales, technical, support and other business functions not only to increase partner satisfaction and engagement, but also to drive profitable growth.