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Teleprospecting Services

ZINFI can assist a vendor and its partners in generating new prospective buyers and keep the collective business on the fast track to growth. Through ZINFI’s teleprospecting solution ZINFI can focus on lead qualification; keeping vendors’ and partners’ sales team focused on selling and resulting in higher levels of revenue at a lower cost.

ZINFI can set up a complete integrated campaign by developing a target list of potential buyers, put together digital marketing content for social and online marketing, reach out to potential buyers and offer them to evaluate a vendor or vendor partner content – to determine whether the solution would be a fit for procurement.

Teleprospecting Services Overview

The purpose of telemarketing is to make the target audience aware of an offer but the purpose of teleprospecting is to find a prospective buyer. The latter is a much harder job and requires an integrated approach in finding a potential buyer in the right stages of their buying process. At ZINFI we have been using integrated marketing over the past decade to reach out to buyers and quickly determine their deployment environment, budget, timing and competitive barriers to entry.

ZINFI’s professional teleprospecting team can work with target end-customers in identifying their needs and assist them to find the right solution for them by discussing a vendor’s products and services which are offered and determine their (end-customers) willingness to procure a vendor’s solutions.

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