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Alan Ho, TIBCO Software
  • Marketing Analytics – Measure, Analyse and Manage

    Alan Ho, Director of Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan, TIBCO Software

    Are Partners Ready for the World in 2030?

    Data is an organization’s most important asset. When consolidated and matched in anaccurate way, it can reveal opportunities, risks, and areas where the business can beimproved. With the emergence of social, mobile, cloud, and information, companies are faced with an increasing number of data sources and fragmented information. With thiscomes the challenge of building and maintaining a trusted source of critical data assetsrelated to products, customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, and so on.

    About The Presenter

    An experienced business to business (B2B) marketing veteran with over 18 years in the Information Technology industry, Alan is the newly appointed Director of Marketing for Asia Pacific and Japan. Based in Singapore, he is responsible and oversees TIBCO’soverall brand development and messaging within Asia. His mandate will also includeproduct positioning and customer retention strategies focusing in the region.

    A firm believer in innovation, he is an advocate on utilising augment intelligence andanalytics to transform the way leads are generated and focused on creating thatexclusive customer experience.


Michele Lee, Tata Communications
  • New Perspective on Digital Marketing

    Michele Lee, Director of Partner Programs, Tata Communications

    Perspective on Digital Marketing

    Almost everything we hear and read today about marketing is digital. New technology, new trends and new techniques. However more often and not new kind of technology are merelyjust a quick fix to the issue. The underlying problem persists about how to get above the noise.

    About The Presenter

    Michele has helped companies build award-winning partner programs to multiply the revenue of their channel business. And it did not end there. Engagement with partners through marketing, 2-way communication and feedback processes are important to build the loyalty among partners, necessary for the growth.

    By bringing 20+ years of experience in partner program management, partner marketing,communications and channel business development, Michele has supported and influenced channel strategy development and execution for ICT market leaders such as Tata Communications, EMC and Sun Microsystem.

    By taking an ‘outside-in’ perspective and applying a unique combination of skillsets and knowledge, she has helped ensure partner needs and pain-points are factored into program and engagement design for maximum business impact.


Tracy Quah, Informatica
  • Reinventing The Future Together

    Tracy Quah, Vice President Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan, Informatica

    Reinventing Future Together

    Perfect Partners does not exist. Perfect conditions exist for a limited time in which partnerships express themselves best. Recipe for Partner Marketing Success is a combination of how you select the right partners based on their industry expertise,domain expertise, market share and established customer base and having the right channel marketing mix in order to Market to, Market with and Market through your partners.

    About The Presenter

    Tracy leads a rigorous Marketing team at Informatica across Asia Pacific and Japan. Pipeline and customer excellence is embodied in the team in the area of field marketing, partner marketing and business development. She believes in connecting the dots of marketing and driving integrated data across the marketing applications in alignment to buyer’s journey is the key to business success today.

    She has over 20 years of marketing experience in the IT industry working with vastnumber of partners across the regions and continents. She has deep marketing and channelinsights from her experience at Sunway

    Business Computers (now S&I), Microbank (now Sunguard), Sterling Commerce, IBM where shespent a decade of her career.

    At IBM, she also spent her last two years pioneering and opening up 35 offices ingeo-cities in ASEAN. She led the APAC Partner and Program Marketing team at Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. New customer acquisition is also her prime focus in driving business growth.