AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Best Practices Guide

A Guide to Use AI-Powered Tools to Leverage Sources of Value in Customer Data

Download your COMPLIMENTARY COPY of the AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Best Practices Guidebook and learn how to use AI-Powered tools to leverage new sources of value in customer data.

AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Best Practices Guidebook

More about this Best Practices Guide on AI-Powered Marketing Strategies

While marketing and sales automation is now commonplace, artificial intelligence (AI) is taking businesses to the next level, helping them forecast sales with more precision, map buyers’ intent, optimize lead scoring, incorporate bots into customer interactions, and much more.

ZINFI’s AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Best Practices Guide gives you a valuable overview to the many ways in which the unprecedented power and speed of AI is being harnessed to develop more successful marketing techniques. Read it to learn how marketers are using advanced tools to leverage new sources of value in customer data.

Download this Guide to learn:

  • The power of more accurate sales forecasting with AI
  • How AI can refine your lead generation, lead scoring and lead management activities
  • How AI can automatically generate relevant content to match where customers are on their buying journey
  • How data is shaping your interactions with customers before they reach the funnel

Chapters covered in this AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Best Practices Guide

How to Streamline AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Using PRM Software

AI-Powered Marketing Strategies is not a one-time event but an ongoing activity. Partner relationship management (PRM) software can go a long way toward streamlining this activity and increasing channel productivity. In this chapter, we provide a detailed look at the steps involved in both new AI-Powered Marketing Strategies and existing AI-Powered Marketing Strategies, and we explain why the onboarding and training process never really ends.

Onboarding Your Partners into You PRM Tool

Despite the rapid growth of partner relationship management (PRM) tools in recent years, understanding and using those tools effectively remains challenging for many organizations. In this chapter, we discuss the five most important principles to consider before you begin onboarding partners into a PRM platform.

Onboarding Affiliate Marketing Partners Using Partner Management Software

Affiliate partners tend to focus on promoting a brand and finding prospect buyers, although some affiliates may complete transactions as well. This chapters surveys the most important capabilities you’ll need in your partner relationship management (PRM) software to effectively onboard affiliates, including groups and programs, programs, tracks, point scoring and business analytics.

How to Use Partner Management Software to Automate Onboarding

Automation is a key factor in successfully onboarding partners and keeping them engaged over the long haul. Your partner management software should be able to take partners seamlessly through recruitment, registration, signup, training, enablement, referrals/deals and payments. This chapter will tell you how that works.

The Challenges of AI-Powered Marketing Strategies Using a Channel Marketing Management Tool

It is always challenging to onboard partners using a new software platform or portal, because partners are busy doing their own thing and there may be dozens of other vendors trying to get them engaged. Partners rarely have the time or money to try something new. The key to success is making sure you provide the right partners with the right programs and campaigns that are localized as well as personalized by partner type.

How to Evaluate Affiliate Marketing Onboarding Software

In this chapter we discuss the five most important factors to consider when selecting onboarding software for your affiliate marketing network. As you evaluate platforms, be sure to think about the target audience for your products or services, the key influencers you wish to recruit, the sequence of onboarding steps you want to take them through, the tools partners will have to use as they move beyond onboarding, and the platform’s reporting and analytic tools.

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