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Affiliate Marketing Management

Affiliates are your partners who focus primarily on promoting your brand to their audiences using a variety of tactics. In return, you pay them commissions for driving traffic to your website. With our affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution, you can ensure you recruit the right partners and enable them to promote your products and services through their network. As your affiliates drive targeted traffic to your website, you track their performance, pay them commissions, and grow your network.

Affiliate Marketing Management module

Business Benefits

  • Target

    Select the right set of affiliates to target the right audiences who are interested in your brands and solutions. Reach out using ZINFI’s AMM platform to communicate and promote your solutions to your target affiliates at a significantly lower cost.

  • Expand

    By building your global affiliate network, you can expand your reach exponentially at a much lower cost. This not only amplifies your brand, but also creates a competitive advantage for your organization to reach target audiences at a lower cost.

  • Perform

    Enable your affiliates with the right set of tools and promotions to engage your targeted audiences. Convert traffic to your website to real leads and transactions. Measure performance and optimize tactics and access to dramatically increase your ROI.

Feature Modules

  • Marketplace Management

    Build a thriving ecosystem of buyers and providers around your products and services

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  • Promotion Management

    Enable your affiliates to promote your campaigns and track performance

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  • Referral Management

    Track traffic and leads generated by your referral network and measure performance

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  • Payment Management

    Reward your partners for driving traffic and generating referrals, and watch your brand grow

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  • Integrated

    ZINFI’s affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution comes with a fully integrated set of four core modules: marketplace management, promotion management, referral management and payment management. You can expand these capabilities by adding additional modules from ZINFI’s entire Unified Partner Management (UPM) stack. The platform’s flexibility makes it easy for you integrate new modules, so you can roll out simple affiliate networks but then grow them strategically in a deliberate and highly automated way.

  • Amplifying

    Affiliate networks have the power to extend your brand’s reach at a much lower cost. ZINFI’s affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution amplifies your ROI, allowing you to focus on high-performing networks and campaigns to accelerate your brand growth. These highly integrated, intuitive tools allow you not only to expand your reach but also increase the velocity of your campaign rollouts with maximum efficiency.

  • Global

    ZINFI’s affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution is supported in multiple languages as well as localized resources in countries around the world. This localized support drives affiliate usage and satisfaction, and better results for vendors who are seeking to drive partner enablement globally. Our AMM application user interfaces are available in 10 different languages, and additional languages can be turned on without any additional costs.

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