Multi-Touch Campaign Management (FlexiTouch™)

ZINFI’s Multi-Touch Campaign Management module is called FlexiTouch™. It’s a new addition to ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform, enabling customers and their partners to create multi-touch functionality for the marketing campaigns they wish to be executed by their partners. FlexiTouch’s canvas user interface with drag-and-drop functionality is an essential tool for creating quick and effective marketing initiatives.

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Multi touch Campaign Setup Management

Campaign Setup & Management

Using FlexiTouch™— ZINFI’s Multi-Touch Campaign Management module—allows your organization to set up diverse content and a variety of campaign tactics so that channel partners can run single-touch or multi-touch co-branded campaigns using a SMART campaign flow.

FlexiTouch allows you to set up new marketing campaigns for your channel partners, quickly edit existing campaigns and associate them with various marketing tactics like email, microsite, web syndication, search and social.

Key Features Include:
  • Campaign setup and management
  • Visibility configuration
  • Association of various tactics
Multi touch Engagement Workflow

Multi-touch Engagement Workflow

With FlexiTouch, it’s easy to define the flow of a multi-tactic, multi-touch campaign. You can create a multi-touch drip campaign with pre-configured tactics and assets, and then your channel partners can easily customize the campaign workflow for use in various marketing activities.

The module allows you to create multiple flows within a specific campaign using a combination of tactics and assets. Partners can then select the specific tactics and assets that best match their business requirements. You can also define the duration of each flow for the system to ensure campaigns are completed within the defined time frame after the launch of the first tactic.

Key Features Include:
  • Drag-and-drop campaign setup
  • Campaign duration management
  • Tactic association with triggers and schedule
Campaign Customization & Launch

Campaign Customization & Launch

Using ZINFI’s Multi-Touch Campaign Management module, FlexiTouch, in ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform, partners can choose from the available campaign workflows created and assigned by the vendor to match their unique business approach and requirements. Each workflow can be further customized by channel partners with their own customized marketing assets. Drag-and-drop functionality makes customization easy and encourages partner engagement.

Dynamic Forms can be further integrated with Marketing tactics – customized Campaign Pages and executed to the end-user. The Dynamic Form will help you to reach out to Prospects and capture valuable information through the Form directly – syncing the record(s)/information to the specific UCM module.

Key Features Include:
  • Campaign workflow customization
  • Inbound/outbound flow integration
  • Auto response logic scheduling
  • Cloneable Dynamic Forms