Marketplace Management

The Marketplace Management application by ZINFI offers a comprehensive provider directory, allowing users to search based on location, partner type, certifications, and more. It empowers affiliate and transacting partners to establish their profiles, streamlining the content management process and reducing administrative efforts.

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Marketplace Management module

Marketplace Management Provider Directory

Provider Directory

The Marketplace Management application enables you to create a highly detailed and dynamic provider directory, enabling visitors to search by location, partner type, certifications, and various other parameters.

This application also enables your affiliate and transacting partners to set up their own profiles, which you can then approve for posting or further editing. This dynamic partner profile content management reduces your management effort substantially.

Key Features Include:
  • Provider listing management
  • Search criteria management
  • Provider rating management

Partner Profile Management

With the Marketplace Management application, you can assemble a comprehensive overview of your partners’ business focuses and competencies and enable partners to upload additional content to highlight their specializations and competencies.

This application includes in-depth profiles with a company overview, specialization, vertical focus, employee certification overview, and geographical coverage.

Key Features Include:
  • Company profile setup
  • Marketing collateral setup
  • Visitor tracking and reporting
Partner Profile Management

Module dependencies:

This module has the following dependencies on other modules, in order to get the full capabilities from it: