Franchisors need an end-to-end marketing and sales platform to manage their franchisees and enable them with a standard set of workflows (marketing, sales, finance, etc.) to replicate best practices and success templates. This is where ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform comes in:

  • Enable your franchisees to sell more by leveraging ZINFI’s state-of-the-art Unified Partner Management platform and its built-in content library, lead management and marketing tools
  • Empower your corporate team members to seamlessly collaborate with franchisee management teams on various aspects of your marketing, sales and logistics programs
  • Control your brand experience by providing a multi-touch marketing platform fully loaded with branded assets and campaign content that can be easily modified by franchisees for local multi-level marketing
  • Use our dynamic dashboard to track the performance of your franchises, compute royalty rates, and inform budgeting and forecasting tasks, and provide a dashboard for franchisee management teams as well
  • Enable your franchises with an online tool to efficiently manage the tasks of their sales reps and other value-added employees to enable better ROI

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI provides a plethora of channel management tools for partner recruitment, onboarding, training, enablement and management that can significantly drive efficiency and productivity for franchisors. With these tools, a franchise-focused corporate team can not only reduce operating costs, but also increase sales productivity and partner satisfaction locally and globally.