Supercharge Your Agency Business with Channel Management Automation

There is a huge opportunity for agencies to help clients who are selling through the channel to manage their partner base by using specialized channel automation tools.

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Agency Overview

Join the Next Big Thing in Business: Expand Your Agency’s Services with Channel Management Automation

Channel management automation is the “third wave” of business process automation whose moment has arrived. Agencies are in a prime position to capitalize on this trend.

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Boost Your Revenue as an Agency Partner with Expertise in Channel Management Automation

Brands engaged in channel management are often overwhelmed by the complexity of managing partner ecosystems and need ongoing support from agency partners like you.

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DNA of a Successful Channel Management Agency Partner

Successful agency partners are innovative, digitally savvy, focused on ROI, have a relentless focus and possess vertical expertise. Does that sound like you?

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ZINFI’s Agency Partner Program: Frequently Asked Questions

How will ZINFI help my agency? What commission can I expect? What skills do we need? Get clear answers to these and other questions.

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How Can ZINFI Help You Start Your Channel Management Agency Business?

Learn about the details of an engagement model with ZINFI and the training process you will go through to learn about our platform, qualify potential clients, and receive account support and a growth plan.

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