Automotive Channel Management organizations need to train their internal sales and support teams, as well as their dealers with a vast array of products and technologies to provide a world-class customer experience in this hypercompetitive world. This is where ZINFI’s end-to-end channel management capabilities come in:

  • Build a sales portal with documents, assets, training to keep your sales team informed
  • Provide program incentives and rewards to your high performers via leaderboards and other stack ranking tools
  • Enable your deals to keep their end-customers informed with your latest promotions and campaigns
  • Get internal sales, external dealers and end-customer feedback to build a better product and service experience
  • Track both internal and external sales performance by leveraging ZINFI’s channel data management tools

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI provides a plethora of channel management tools for partner recruitment, onboarding, training, enablement and management that can significantly drive efficiency and productivity for an Automotive Channel Management organization. By leveraging these tools, a channel focused team can not only reduce operating costs, but also increase sales productivity and partner satisfaction locally and globally.