Email Marketing Management

ZINFI’s Partner Marketing Management (PMM) comes with a multi-touch email marketing module that provides a dynamic email marketing capability. This module allows a vendor to set up multi-touch email templates which the partners can use quickly and effectively to run co-branded email campaigns. Vendor can also set up a drip campaign using different tactics which are tied to various call-to-actions, etc., and partners can deploy these drip campaigns with a few clicks.


Email Marketing Management

This module can enable a vendor to set up various email templates and drip campaigns that partners can select, customize and co-brand. Vendor can also block out if certain templates or content areas that cannot be customized by partners.

Key Features Include:

  • Email Templates Setup & Management
  • Partner Access Management
  • Templates Customization Control
  • Multi-touch (DRIP) Rules Management
  • Dynamic Tracking & Reporting

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