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Email Marketing Management

The Email Marketing Management module of ZINFI’s partner marketing management (PMM) platform makes it easy for your organization to set up multi-touch, co-branded emails. These emails create the foundation for a variety of integrated campaigns that generate leads via microsites, events, syndication or call campaigns.

Template Management

ZINFI’s Email Marketing Management module allows your organization to set up ready-to-use templates for your channel partners to use in various email campaigns. Using this module, it’s a snap to set up multi-touch email templates that your channel partners can quickly customize to run co-branded email campaigns.

With the Email Marketing Management module, your organization can also set up a drip campaign using different tactics tied to various calls-to-action, and your channel partners can deploy these drip campaigns with just a few clicks. Such campaigns are a great way keep customers engaged and identify their interest level.

Key Features

  • Email Setup & Management
  • Group Association Management
  • Country Availability Management

Email Distribution List Management

Email Marketing Management tools enable your organization and your channel partners to create and manage targeted email distribution lists, which can be used in campaigns designed to create product awareness and get potential customers engaged.

The Email Marketing Management module also enables you and your channel partners to categorize contacts on a distribution list based on variables like their engagement level, allowing you to group contacts into different “buckets.” Module users can also configure the sender’s email address to receive replies and other notifications after delivery of the initial email to recipients.

Key Features

  • List Creation & Management
  • List Categorization & Management
  • Sender Email Management

Campaign Performance Management

The Email Marketing Management module makes it possible for your organization to monitor and manage the performance of email campaigns executed by each partner with real-time analytics. Detailed metrics give you a better understanding of what’s working well and which campaigns or campaign tactics need to be refined.

The Email Marketing Management module has also been designed to make it easy for your organization and your channel partners to track activities performed by each recipient of the emails sent, including links clicked, documents downloaded, forms filled out and so on. This helps partners plan follow-up activities in a systematic way.

Key Features

  • Link Tracking
  • Asset Download Tracking


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