FluidCMS™ Content Management

UCM’s FluidCMSTM Content Management supports application developers with content-as-a-service. Build your portal or microsite in minutes using a simple drag-and-drop approach, without forcing any constraints on the application itself. The FluidCMSTM module allows administrators to create and manage web and campaign content to build dynamic and personalized portal pages, campaigns and other content on the fly.

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Portal Content Manager

Portal Content Management

ZINFI’s FluidCMSTM comes with dynamic web page and content management capabilities. This makes it easy for your organization to set up portal pages using a site map structure, and then begin adding new pages and content. Manage your content and arrange elements with just a click of the mouse, dragging and dropping objects across the screen. Drag-and-drop applies to all types of content: images, text fields and videos, as well as a broad range of modules and customization options. As your organization creates new pages of content, you can control access at a granular level, allowing controlled access by channel partners across the globe.

Key Features Include:
  • Multi Page Content Management
  • Portal Page Setup, Versioning and Archival
  • Page Edit, Timely Publish & Management
  • Drag-and- Drop Approach
Dynamic Form Builder

Dynamic Form Builder

Build your CMS forms in the actual CMS itself. ZINFI’s FluidCMSTM features a widget library full of text fields, galleries, video, maps and more to help you build out whatever you need. Wow your clients by adding “nice-to-have” features in minutes. Live edit WYSIWYG functionality contributes to a smooth, uniquely comfortable user experience and comes with a wide range of actions. With FluidCMSTM, not everything is a “post.” You can make it whatever you want. The names you set in your forms become the names you use in your template.

Key Features Include:
  • Live Edit
  • Content Branding & Font Management
  • Bootstrap Support
  • Multilingual Support