Partner Onboarding Management

ZINFI’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform comes with a dynamic Partner Onboarding Management module. Partner onboarding is a very important first step to make sure a new partner has a great experience to go through and get familiarized with a vendor’s products and services while keeping channel management team informed of their progress. Using this module a vendor can set up step-by-step 30-60-90 day partner onboarding programs.

Partner Onboarding Management

Partner Onboarding Module

Partner Onboarding module enables a vendor to set up a logical set of links to various aspects of the partner programs, policies and processes, and make sure the newly recruited partner is on boarded in a step by step method:

Key Features Include:

  • Contract Signing
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Training
  • Technical Training
  • Co-Marketing Programs

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