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ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management (UCM) is built upon a state-of-the art web application services architecture that meets or exceeds core enterprise performance requirements related to security, stability, scalability, speed and simplicity. This also comes with four core platform functional capabilities focused on maximum mobility, connectivity, flexibility and intelligence. ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management platform not only enhances the ability of enterprises to manage their partner base in a highly productive way, but also introduces a set of integrated capabilities that do not exist today across any other channel management solutions in the marketplace.

Functional Capabilities

  • Mobility

    ZINFI’s “mobile first” approach to its Unified Channel Management platform introduces a lead management app for multiple smartphone operating systems. Over the next 90 days, the entire UCM platform will be converted into a native mobile application based on a single unified architecture supporting both mobile and desktop use cases.

  • Connectivity

    ZINFI’s new channel management platform provides a centralized interconnect capability to connect to multiple sub-systems—such as learning management, lead management, CRM, point-of-sales, incentives management & channel data management and build an intelligent profile of a client’s partner base to make channel management effective, efficient and easy.

  • Flexibility

    ZINFI’s new platform introduces drag-and-drop business flow (FlexiFlowTM) development capabilities that allow enterprise customers to build and manage their own workflow logic without needing to reach out for any technical support. This will significantly reduce implementation time and costs, and empower customers to make changes on the fly.

  • Intelligence

    ZINFI is also introducing a cross-module business intelligence capability that will feature a correlational engine (EdisonTM) to provide deeper channel management intelligence to enterprise customers. With Edison, customers have much more flexibility running analytics across multiple application modules to build a deeper understanding of their channel activities and performance.

Core Platform Architecture Components

Functional Capabilities

The platform’s functional capabilities allow enterprise organizations to quickly configure channel management business flow using a drag-and-drop mapping tool, connect to multiple third-party systems securely and dynamically, and access enterprise-class business intelligence and data correlation capabilities on the fly.

  • Business Intelligence

    ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management (UCM) platform is powered with a dynamic business intelligence and correlation (Edison™) engine that allows both vendors and partners to understand key drivers for channel performance.

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  • Mobile

    ZINFI extends its UCM platform for native applications to smartphones and other mobile devices which gives your field team and partners a strong competitive advantage that can help drive revenue and enhance the customer and partner experience.

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  • Connected

    ZINFI’s Centralized Interconnect (CENTRi™) connects to external third-party systems, and processes all workflows and requests from those external systems. The external systems communicate through CENTRi’s secured APIs, and the internal systems communicate directly through CENTRi’s data access layer.

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  • Configurable

    ZINFI’s FlexiFlow™ Workflow Management guides you and your partners through a step-by-step process for developing automated business and campaign workflows. With FlexiFlow™, your teams can easily grasp how channel programs and campaigns are executed from start to finish.

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System Capabilities

The platform’s system capabilities are focused on providing enterprise-grade, state-of-the art performance within a secure, stable and scalable infrastructure environment. The platform’s blazing fast speed enables instant global and local access for distributed enterprise users, and its ease of use rivals consumer applications.

  • Global

    The UCM platform provides a language- pack framework allowing developers to support any language for user interface labels. UCM comes with support for 35 languages, including languages that are scripted right to left.

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  • System of Records

    A system of records (SOR) establishes a unifying data hub that tracks all activities within the platform. Users can run configuration to build seamless logical flow connecting multiple applications.

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  • aSaaS

    ZINFI’s Unified Channel Management (UCM) platform provides a highly adaptive, flexible framework for collaboration. Its customizable reporting Insights that can improve your revenue your revenue plans, channel programs and partner performance.

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