Distribution Management

Distribution management teams live in a highly complex, fast-moving environment. They must manage multiple stakeholders including distributors, resellers and partners, but also internal teams from marketing, sales and finance. ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform provides a single pane of glass through which distribution teams can view sales in and out via distributors and build predictable forecasts based on past performance and partner pipeline. Distribution teams can also use the platform to run various programs and campaigns to address diverse business needs that change every quarter.

  • Partner Recruitment – Deploy channel-marketing-led partner recruitment campaigns via multiple distributors or a single distributor, and target campaigns towards specific groups of partners
  • Partner Onboarding – Enable distribution partners to effectively onboard channel partners into short-lived channel programs for maximum results at the lowest possible cost
  • Partner Training – Ensure distribution partners driving partner competency development by leveraging partner training available via ZINFI’s platform
  • Partner Enablement – Drive multi-partner demand-generation activities via distribution partners by leveraging co-branded content provided by channel marketing teams
  • Pipeline Management – Track pipeline growth by each distributor and engage where necessary to accelerate results, both at a distributor level and at various territorial levels
  • Partner Incentives – Deploy quarterly incentives programs targeted towards distributors as wells as the partners managed by distribution partners; efficiently review, track and approve claims
  • Optimize Performance – Get deep insights into what distribution partners are selling, why they are selling and how best to accelerate sales by taking a deep dive into business analytics and reports

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform helps channel sales teams get highly organized and act based on data instead of instincts. Automation can eliminate redundant tasks like reminding a partner when a deal is not touched or moved by a certain date or alerting sales personnel to higher-value opportunities.

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform, channel sales professionals can significantly increase sales efficiency and quota achievement by having a clear understanding of which partners to focus on and which conversations to drive to enable better partner engagement and adoption of key sales initiatives and programs.