Channel Partner

Channel partners are at the heart of any channel ecosystem. Partners may range from a single individual to an organization made up of thousands of employees. A state-of-the-art channel management platform should be able to address the diverse needs of all types of channel partners, large and small. The sole purpose of channel management software is to enable partners to learn, engage and sell a vendor’s products and services. This is where ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management software excels.

  • Business Planning – A partner organization has to engage with the vendor to submit quarterly and/or annual business plans to ensure its medallion status with the vendor
  • Contract Signing – From time to a time a vendor may update its channel program and associated agreements, and the partner organization needs to stay current with such agreements
  • Certification & Training – All partner organizations need to go through some level of training and certifications to maintain their status and standing with the vendor
  • Demand Generation – For a partner organization to receive a higher commissions, partner-led demand generation becomes a critical factor
  • Quarterly Promotions – By staying informed about various vendor programs, a channel partner organization can participate and financially benefit from various quarterly promotions
  • Partner Incentives – By leveraging various incentives and activities like end-user training and lead generation, a partner can greatly improve its business performance
  • Sales Productivity – By engaging with vendor programs, a channel partner organization can significantly increase its sales productivity by training its own reps and participating in leads programs
  • Optimize Performance – Using online analytical tools, a channel partner organization can access important insights and improve its business execution and activities

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform enables channel partners to stay informed about a vendor’s programs, policies and initiatives, and engage its internal organization in those activities. By increasing engagement and understanding of the vendor’s programs, the channel partner can realize significant financial benefits and enhance company morale.

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform, channel partner organizations can more efficiently manage day-to-day activities and the vendor engagement workflow to drive higher revenue at a lower cost.