Channel Sales

Channel sales is where rubber hits the road—where channel sales teams engage with channel partners (distributors, wholesalers, resellers, agents, brokers, etc.) to help drive sales to consumers and businesses. ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform can significantly improve channel sales performance by enabling end-to-end automation of daily tasks and providing intelligence that reveals key drivers of success.

  • Partner Recruitment – Leverage partner recruitment campaigns created by your channel marketing team to drive partner awareness and engagement via roadshows, webinars and social networks
  • Partner Onboarding – Track onboarding of partners (existing and new) into various channel programs and reach out to those who are not moving fast enough or dropping out
  • Partner Training – Ensure partners are getting trained on products and services to ensure they are qualified to support selling when new sales opportunities arise
  • Partner Enablement – Ensure partners are running demand generation campaigns leveraging content provided by your channel marketing team, and efficiently track deal registrations
  • Pipeline Management – Collaborate with partners using notes and other tools when they move a deal from one stage to another, thereby shortening the sales cycle and increasing the likelihood of closure
  • Partner Incentives – Promote incentives programs to channel partners to create excitement and momentum behind strategic sales initiatives
  • Optimize Performance – Get deep insights into what partners are selling, why they are selling and how to accelerate sales by taking a deep dive into business analytics and reports

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform can help channel sales teams get highly organized and act based on data instead of instincts. Automation can eliminate redundant tasks like reminding a partner when a deal is not touched or moved by a certain date or alerting sales personnel to higher-value opportunities.

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform, channel sales professionals can significantly increase sales efficiency and quota achievement by having a clear understanding of which partners to focus on and which conversations to drive to enable better partner engagement and higher adoption rates of key sales initiatives and programs.