Channel Partner Administrator

Channel Partner organizations exist to recruit, engage, enable and manage a network of channel partners. In some partner organizations, depending on their size, an individual may be assigned to be the single point of contact and act as a channel partner administrator. This is especially true when it comes to managing partner profiles, lead distribution, and incentives. ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform has been designed with this very important role in mind, and streamlines the following key functions for channel partner administrators.

  • Program Awareness – They plays a critical role in figuring out and disseminating a vendor’s program for its own organization.
  • User Management – Channel Partner administrators manage access by all internal users to the vendor partner portal and assign various rights and usage policies and restrictions
  • Profile Management – The channel partner administrator needs to be able to easily maintain the organizational profile updated in the vendor’s portal, especially if such information is being displayed via a partner locator
  • Lead Distribution – If a Channel partner organization is participating in a vendor’s lead distribution program, the channel partner administrator must be able to coordinate distribution efficiently
  • Campaign Execution – Channel partner administrators may play a central role in selecting demand generation campaigns and executing such campaigns on behalf of their sales reps
  • Partner Certification – The partner administrator may be the central point of contact for maintaining the certification status for a partner organization
  • Quarterly Promotions – A partner administrator may be the primary point of contact for promotions, and must also facilitate engagement of the entire partner organization with quarterly programs and promotions
  • Partner Incentives – The channel partner administrator typically manages all applications for a vendor’s incentive programs and submits claims for reimbursements and other rewards
  • Performance Reporting – The channel partner administrator may be solely responsible for gathering all necessary performance information and submitting it to the vendor to maintain designations like medallion status

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform is designed to help partner administrators easily access information about a vendor’s programs, policies and initiatives, and engage the internal organization in those activities. The channel partner administrator is a facilitator who ensures the partner organization is fully trained, able and funded by various vendor programs and activities.

With ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management platform, channel partner administrators can efficiently manage all day-to-day activities and vendor engagement workflow to drive higher revenue at a lower cost.