Manufacturers need to manage a large number of dealers, wholesalers and partners. In order to compete in a fast-moving marketplace, it is essential these companies are able to manage their partner relationships efficiently:

  • Use our granular partner profile management capability to recruit, onboard, train, enable and manage your partner base to build a high-performing channel
  • Provide relevant content, training and tools to individual partners based on their competencies, sales motion, locations and other parameters
  • Enable capable partners with digital marketing tools and platforms so that they can generate demand on their own by using a set of pre-configured assets and campaigns
  • Distribute leads and allow partners to self-generate leads that they can register online to get timely review and approval from your stakeholders
  • Provide performance incentives such as market development funds, sales rewards, company rebates and more based on targets and achievements, and track performance with real-time reporting

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI provides a plethora of channel management tools for partner recruitment, onboarding, training, enablement and management that can significantly drive efficiency and productivity for a manufacturing organization. With these tools, a channel-focused team can not only reduce operating costs, but also increase sales productivity and partner satisfaction locally and globally.