Market Development Funds (MDF) Management

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) has an integrated Market Development Funds Management application, enabling your organization to allocate market development and co-op funds to channel partners efficiently. The module automates the application process partners follow to secure program funding and the process for claiming compensation by supplying proper proof of execution.

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Market Development Funds Management module

MDF Fund Upload Management

Fund Upload Management

Our Market Development Funds Management application allows your organization to upload allocated MDF or co-op funds for channel partners in their local currency, reducing the complexity that can arise from managing programs across a geographically diverse channel. You can also use the application to automate local currency conversion based on current exchange rates.

Your organization can use the Market Development Funds Management application to define a funding plan and schedule claim submission deadlines. Automation helps prevent partners from submitting inaccurate or late applications. MDF Management allows you to configure automated system alerts to notify partners when you’ve uploaded program details and submission deadlines.

Key Features Include:
  • Fund upload management (in local currency)
  • Submission deadline management
  • Exchange rate management
  • System alerts

Plan & Claim Management

The Market Development Funds Management provides your organization with end-to-end automation of the plan and claim submission process and the review and approval process, thereby enhancing the partner experience. Channel partners can submit POEs within the module for efficient claim review and approval by the vendor.

Each submitted plan is tagged with a dedicated partner account manager so your organization can ensure channel partners have all the assistance needed to execute activities within the designated timeline. Unique nomenclature for plan and claim IDs makes it easier for users to quickly determine the number of log entries they must complete for each activity.

Key Features Include:
  • Business plan and claim submission
  • Business plan and claim review and approval
  • Proof of performance submission
  • Attach comments/notes when rejecting an MDF plan
Market Development Funds Management MDF Claim Management
MDF Extension Management

Deadline Extension Management

With the Market Development Funds Management, your organization can efficiently manage deadline extensions for all plans and claims submissions. MDF Management provides a process for channel partners to submit deadline extension requests to the vendor in case unforeseen circumstances cause them to miss the original deadline.

MDF Management provides end-to-end automated functionality for deadline extension, and you can configure it with a multi-level approval process according to your unique business requirements. This enables you to control the process and ensure timely submission of plans and claims.

Key Features Include:
  • Submission deadline extension request management
  • Multi-level approval process