Unified Channel Management (UCM)

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One Platform, Many Solutions. Unified Channel Management (UCM) allows a vendor organization selling through the channel to take an integrated approach by aligning channel policies, channel programs, channel people (both internal employees supporting the partner base and employees of external partners), business process automation and channel partners to build a high-performing global channel. Unified Channel Management (UCM) unified approach to channel management requires end-to-end automation of four core sub-processes, e.g., Affiliate Marketing Management (AMM), Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Partner Marketing Management (PMM) and Partner Incentives Management (PIM).

Unique Opportunities

  • Partner Recruitment & Engagement

    Making it easy to do business with an organization allows partners to increase performance and loyalty to that specific company, and in return reduces the operational cost and complexity to serve a global channel.

  • Multi-Partner Demand Generation

    Enabling partners to run integrated marketing campaigns by leveraging easy to use co-branded assets and tactics can significantly increase an organization’s market access at a significantly lower cost on a global basis.

  • Partner Sales Performance

    Empowering partners’ sales reps to be more effective at closing newly generate leads and opportunities increases an organization’s ability not only to increase market share, but also create a loyal partner base at a global level.

Product Modules

  • Portal Administration

    Your organization is unique, and you need your channel automation software to work for you. You don’t need to write code or involve your IT team to configure, monitor and customize all of your channel-related workflows and activities. Our portal administration management (PAM) modules provide you with easy-to-use, self-serve DIY tools to refine every aspect of channel operations on your own – whether you are branding and customizing a portal or microsite, managing user and partner groups & roles, or connecting to third-party applications.

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  • Partner Portal

    Successful channel programs require effective communication and collaboration between your organization and your diverse network of partners. With our partner portal management (PPM) tools, you can ensure your partners stay active and engaged by providing them with relevant co-brandable assets and product/sales documentation, soliciting regular feedback, facilitating collaboration and teamwork, offering timely and responsive support when issues arise, and making it easy for end-users to find the right partner for their particular needs.

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  • Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliates are your partners who focus primarily on promoting your brand to their audiences using a variety of tactics. In return, you pay them commissions for driving traffic to your website. With our affiliate marketing management (AMM) solution, you can ensure you recruit the right partners and enable them to promote your products and services through their network. As your affiliates drive targeted traffic to your website, you track their performance, pay them commissions, and grow your network.

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  • Partner Relationship

    These partner management activities focus on optimizing and automating internal partner management processes to make it easier for partners to do business with the vendor. A properly configured PRM solution significantly reduces operational costs, efficiently allocates resources behind the partners who have the highest potential for driving profitable growth and significantly increases partner satisfaction.

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  • Partner Marketing

    These channel marketing activities focus on enabling channel partners to drive demand from their prospect and customer based by leveraging the vendor’s marketing assets and tools. A PMM solution can help vendors optimize the use of market development funds, stimulate purpose-driven demand generation and exert control over brand extension via channel partners.

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  • Partner Incentives

    Rewarding your partners for various channel program activities are critical for success. It’s very important to align your incentive programs, e.g., market development funds, rewards, rebates, commissions, etc., across the partner journey through various activities. The primary purpose of incentive management is to reward high performing partners and incentivize high potential partners to perform better.

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Unified Channel Management: Best Practices

A Guide To The Future Of The Channel

This eBook addresses the entire partner lifecycle management, including best practices in channel recruitment, engagement, enablement and management.

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