The ZINFI Name

From Zero to Infinity

If you are asking where we got our name (ZINFI) from and what it really means then you are not certainly the first one who has asked us this question. Let us see if we can quench your curiosity with the following explanation.

When our founders started the company, they were looking for something that would represent what they were about to get started with. From the very beginning the solution focus for the company was around integrated marketing and sales automation, so they were looking for a name that would certainly represent that dimension. Along with this, one of the core elements that the founders wanted to express were about realizing intrinsic potential of an opportunity, which the company should enable to achieve. Finally, they thought about what it would really mean to customers, employees and other stakeholders also when the potentials of these opportunities are realized fully.

As a part of that discussion, as they went through many options and one option that inspired them the most was a book written by Peter Rowlands called, Zero to Infinity: The Foundation of Physics. In this book, Peter Rowlands explores how the fundamental equation that drives the whole of physics. Physics is the general analysis of nature, conducted in order to understand how the world and universe behave. Therefore, the founders felt the word ZINFI would truly represent the character of the new venture they were about to start and would truly represent the ability to unleash the infinite potential of an opportunity (like a new product or a company or its services) or its employees and stakeholders.

So, to cut a long story short, the word ZINFI to us means Zero to Infinity – allowing our customers, employees and stakeholders to realize their infinite potentials. In its most applied form in our day to day existence, the word means an analytical and mathematical approach to marketing and sales activities to understand how to enable the realization of true market potential of products and services that we help to grow.

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