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PAM – Channel Management Enabled by Centralized Interconnect


Centralized Interconnection (CENTRi™) Management

Every channel management organization needs a system for connecting and unifying multiple third-party platforms, tools and reports in a single, centralized location. This is where ZINFI’s Centralized Interconnect (CENTRiTM) comes in. CENTRiTM connects to external third-party systems, and processes all workflows and requests from those external systems. The external systems communicate through CENTRi’s secured APIs, and the internal systems communicate directly through CENTRi’s data access layer. CENTRiTM is an event-driven workflow scheduling engine. Built on top of high-performance, scalable data storage, CENTRiTM is a data management interface that can quickly process data in any shape or form.

CENTRi™ Overview

With ZINFI Centralized Interconnect (CENTRiTM) system, channel management organizations can easily integrate, transform, aggregate and visualize data with a user-friendly graphical interface. CENTRi’s integrated job scheduler automates routine data operations, so data analysts no longer have to manually extract and process the data. Openness and connectivity are the key concepts driving ZINFI CENTRiTM. The platform can easily work with data from almost any online or cloud service, and ZINFI CENTRiTM can provide the data via REST API to any of your existing tools or services, making CENTRiTM the centralized system processing all workflows – whether time-based or immediate.

Key Features Include:

  • Creation & Management of New Business Flows
  • Log Tracking & Audits
  • Real-Time Task Creation & Data Updates
  • Scheduling Engine Management

CENTRi™ Data Management

ZINFI’s Centralized Interconnect (CENTRiTM) system supports data from third-party CRMs (Salesforce, SAP, Dynamics, etc.) and various marketing platforms (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) via native data connectors with a dedicated graphical user interface. CENTRiTM also connects to popular marketing automation platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.), as well as any other web application with defined interfaces. CENTRiTM connectors support automated data synchronization in a defined time or period. In addition to synchronization, data can also be incrementally stored with each iteration. Using ZINFI CENTRiTM, your organization can make any data set accessible by third-party services, enabling you to connect to your own CRM, marketing automation, point-of-sales and other third-party systems. CENTRiTM also helps your organization to better understand data at any point, enabling you to simplify various system operations within CENTRi’s data explorer capabilities.

Key Features Include:

  • Universal Data Connectors Management
  • Automated Data Sync Management
  • Data Explorer Management
  • Data Structure Management