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Our ZInfi Values

Our values are the framework that holds us together. This ZINFI Values framework guides each individual in their daily actions and decisions to help build relationships and keep us connected to our customers and providers around the world. Every connection makes us stronger.

Our values define who we are and form the character we have.
So, we are …

Our Values

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We overcome the impossible through our optimism, imagination and collaboration

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We shape our future through reflection, continuous learning and change

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We visualize our future, prioritize our actions and find joy in the journey

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We recognize that humility, gratitude and caring keep us balanced

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We develop trust by being open, responsible and committed in all we do

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We deeply believe in the potential of every individual achieving success and happiness

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We connect through our commonalities and grow through our differences

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We do more with less by leveraging our global capabilities and potential

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We will be the leading global provider of Unified Channel Management solutions.

Mission Statement

We empower our customers and employees to grow profitably by being successful and happy as we work together.

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We believe in making a difference and creating success for our customers and employees

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We believe in learning, adapting and driving change in a rapidly evolving global landscape

[morello_box_icon_block icon=”” layout=”icon-inside”]Exploration


We believe in exploring new opportunities in new countries, markets and technologies

[morello_box_icon_block icon=”” layout=”icon-inside”]Excellence


We believe that the pursuit of excellence takes place on a continuum, with constant, productive tension between progress and setbacks

[morello_box_icon_block icon=”” layout=”icon-inside”]Persistence


We believe in being persistent in driving continuous improvement to create world-class experiences

[morello_box_icon_block icon=”” layout=”icon-inside”]Equality


We believe in equal access to new opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth

[morello_box_icon_block icon=”” layout=”icon-inside”]Ethics


We believe in doing the right thing by following global and local laws, being sensitive to local customs and respecting differences

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