Partner Leads Management

The Partner Lead Management module of ZINFI’s partner relationship management (PRM) platform enables your organization to distribute leads to your partner base and manage the complete “contacts to contracts” process. This module helps engage partner sales reps via “round robin,” “shark tank” and other lead management distribution mechanisms.

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Shark Tank Management

Shark Tank Management

With the Partner Lead Management module, your organization can automate the distribution of leads to different partners or partner groups based on a variety of criteria established in a “shark tank” lead distribution scheme. You can also synchronize lead management data can with data in an existing CRM system for smooth integration between the two platforms.

Use the Partner Lead Management module to define a time frame for lead follow-up, including pre-scheduled system notifications at regular intervals when no activity has occurred. Pullback functionality allows a lead to be automatically pulled from one partner, in case of non-activity, and reassigned to another.

Key Features Include:
  • CRM connectors
  • Lead upload and allocation
  • Lead scoring and distribution
  • Lead processing and management
  • Opportunity management and deal registration
Partner Lead Management End user Account Management

End-user Account Management

Manage the entire journey of a prospective lead from generation to close through an automated system with our Partner Lead Management module. This automated sales approach encourages partner engagement and yields enhanced productivity.

The module includes functionality to track leads based on their age. This helps users quickly sort leads and logically prioritize follow-up activities

Organizations can easily configure system alerts to generate automated notifications to users on schedule dates and at scheduled times.

Key Features Include:
  • Lead upload and update
  • Lead conversion
  • Activity tracking
  • Notes and task association
Partner Lead Management Deal Management

Opportunity & Deal Management

Auto-capture and easily track history of all campaigns that have marketed to a Lead and the engagement status for a better Opportunity and Deal conversion rate. UCM’s Partner Lead Management module is utilized to set up an automated review and approval mechanism for all submitted opportunities and deals completed by the channel sales team. The module also allows you to push submitted opportunities and deals submitted to your internal CRM through configured system connectors.

The dynamic reporting engine of the module provides clear insight into the every level of the sales funnel created by your channel sales team. Individual channel partners can also track their own sales activity progress by reviewing their individualized progress dashboard.

Key Features Include:
  • Lead Campaign History
  • Opportunity management
  • Deal registration
  • Approval and review management