Portal Administration Management

Tools For Customized Activities

Your organization is unique, and you need your channel automation software to work for you. You don’t need to write code or involve your IT team to configure, monitor and customize all of your channel-related workflows and activities. Our portal administration management (PAM) modules provide you with easy-to-use, self-serve DIY tools to refine every aspect of channel operations on your own – whether you are branding and customizing a portal or microsite, managing user and partner groups & roles, or connecting to third-party applications.

Business Benefits

  • Easy Configuration

    ZINFI’s Portal Administration Management helps you to configure and administer all of your channel marketing workflows and business processes to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The do-it-yourself toolset in ZINFI’s portal administration management (PAM) platform allows you to accelerate your time to deployment and rapidly adapt to changing business requirements.

  • Full Mobility

    Your channel marketing team and partners need access to current information on accounts, leads, opportunities and activities wherever they happen to be. PAM includes all the tools to deploy mobile SaaS with native applications quickly and easily. On-the-go administration means automated alerts, fast resolutions, easy user management and efficient tracking of leads, contacts and opportunities in real time.

  • Efficient Auditing

    PAM features a complete toolset for enterprise change management, allowing you to manage audit records related to groups, users, workflows and more. Locate audit records using advanced filters, analyze change sequences and monitor records for possible security breaches. PAM tools enable effective business and performance analysis to ensure you are in compliance with security requirements across the globe.

Feature Modules


  • Core

    With ZINFI’s portal administration management (PAM) tools, you can take full control of your core administration activities. Quickly convert new business goals into new business workflows and processes with minimal reliance on your IT staff, and accelerate your rollout of new services. Manage your core business rules with ZINFI’s high-performance business rules engine, which enables you to capture your organization’s objectives and insights into rules-driven enterprise applications.

  • Evolving

    With ZINFI’s portal administration management (PAM) platform, you easily can build and make changes to enterprise-class custom applications without coding. Our powerful tools allow you to scale quickly to address the complexity of your worldwide channel ecosystem. Painlessly enhance enterprise programs without impacting your customizations. With built-in intelligence, extensibility and flexibility, the platform enables rapid responses to your evolving business needs.

  • Adaptive

    ZINFI’s Portal Administration Management Tools can be quickly configured to fit into your existing infrastructure and connect to other available sub-systems. At ZINIF, we understand that no two businesses are alike. Our platform is designed to allow you to manage your business, your way. Configure your system to match your workflows and processes. Our method screens and form layouts are not designed by software programmers. They are designed by people who use the same drag-and-drop tools we make available to you.

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