Partner Contracts Management

ZINFI’s Unified Partner Management (UPM) platform includes a Partner Contracts Management application that enables your organization to dynamically manage and keep track of all the contractual documents that channel partners sign during the various phases of the partner engagement cycle.

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Partner Contracts Management

Partner Contracts Management allows your organization to automate and streamline complex processes associated with managing partner contracts in different regions, with different partner types, encompassing different program rules, etc.

With this module, your organization can upload and categorize new contracts based on partner type, geographic location, and other factors. System alerts allow you to automatically notify your channel partners of a new contract assignment and prompt them to review and sign the document digitally (via eSign integrations) or manually.

Key Features Include:
  • Contract setup and upload
  • Partner notifications
  • Partner signature and upload
  • Contract expiration management
  • Contract compliance reporting

Group & Signee Management

Partner Contracts Management allows your organization to manage partner contacts who are responsible for signing a specific contract. Using our granular signee management features, you can keep track of the progress of each participating partner in the contract signing process.

Our group & signee management features also allow you to efficiently create contracts within a multi-level channel partner ecosystem, assigning contracts to a specific partner contact or to partner groups based on the partner engagement process.

Key Features Include:
  • Group association management
  • Contract signee management
  • Contract status tracking
Partner Contracts Management Group Signee Management