Retail organizations selling directly through distributed outlets or through a franchise network need a marketing and sales enablement platform to enable their end outlets to generate demand and close business. This is where ZINFI’s end-to-end channel management platform comes in.

  • Recruit, onboard, enable and engage employees at captive or franchise outlets by providing unified corporate content that is distributed via a digital platform
  • Train, certify and track certain groups of personnel at distributed outlets to ensure that proper and consistent quality service delivery is achieved
  • Enable distributed outlets to run various marketing campaigns for search, social, emails, events and more using tools that have been pre-loaded by corporate teams with digital content
  • Create incentive programs, track performance via leaderboards and create healthy competition among store employees to build a high-performing distributed team
  • Track the marketing and sales performance of your distributed teams, captive or franchise, to determine what needs changing and what needs to scale for better ROI

How can ZINFI help me?

ZINFI provides a plethora of channel management tools for partner recruitment, onboarding, training, enablement and management that can significantly drive efficiency and productivity for distributed organizations. By leveraging these tools, a channel-focused team can not only reduce operating costs, but also increase sales productivity and partner satisfaction locally and globally.