Enterprise Change Management

Enterprise Change Management implements audit record management by keeping track of all changes made to the portal related to groups, users, content, workflows, etc. Record Rollback enables users to manage the audit records of entities, search the audit records of a specific entity, view all the historical audit records of an entity, and roll back a specific record to restore the entity’s previous values, reversing changes that have been made unintentionally or intentionally.

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Change Management Locating Audit Records

Locating Audit Records

UPM’s Enterprise Change Management application lets you quickly locate the desired audit records by using filters and searching for a specific entity. Only audit records that meet all filtering rules are displayed for all filtering functions being used.

Using the Changed Date filter, the audit records are displayed within the specified time range in descending or ascending order, and using the Modified by the filter, audit records of certain entities that had Delete, Update, and Create operations performed upon them by a specific user are displayed.

Key Features Include:
  • Advanced filters
  • Secured access
  • Entity search

Record Rollback

Enterprise Change Management application enables you to view the detailed information of an audit record; the user can compare the current and previous values of a modified field in an entity, which assists in the complete understanding of the entity’s change history.

Version History records all the operations performed on a specific entity by any user who has permission to change the entity and, therefore, helps the current user analyze what had happened on a specific entity and roll back the entity to any of the historical versions as needed. After locating the desired audit records and viewing the detailed information like related Child Records or related lookups, the selected record can be successfully rolled back and restored to the set date.

Key Features Include:
  • Related lookups
  • Version history
  • Detailed information
Change Management Record Rollback